Professional Roles - Hanover Family Health Team

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Family Physicians – provide patient care through health and wellness promotion, diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of disease and patient navigation through the healthcare system

Addictions/Mental Health Counsellor – provides counselling, education, assessment and support to individuals, couples and family who are concerned about their own or someone else’s substance use and/or mental health issues

Clinical Psychologist – applies specialized knowledge of human behaviour, emotion, personality and mental processes to help people make healthy changes in their coping styles and behavioural patterns

Nurse Practitioner – provides comprehensive primary healthcare services encompassing health promotion, disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Occupational Therapist – addresses the physical effects of disability, injury or disease as well as the psychosocial, community and environmental factors that influence daily function

Pharmacist – facilitates patient understanding of drug therapy and identifies potential and actual drug-related problems and the appropriate solutions

Registered Dietitian – supports patient in understanding and applying principles of healthy eating to achieve optimum wellness and addresses specific nutrition-related concerns

Registered Nurse/Health Educator – offers preventative care and treatment of chronic health conditions through health education initiatives both individually and in group environments to achieve the best possible patient health

Social Worker – assesses and treats individual, interpersonal and societal problems using skills, interventions and therapies to assist individuals, couples and groups

Administrative Staff – assist all health care professionals by providing support with managing and organizing patient care

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