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What Is Online Booking?

Online Booking allows you to book your appointments online without having to call into the office. You can choose the available appointment with your Healthcare Provider that works best for your schedule. ONLINE BOOKING IS ONLY AVAILABLE TO PATIENTS ROSTERED TO A HANOVER MEDICAL ASSOCIATES DOCTOR. If you are not part of a doctor’s practice at Hanover Medical Associates clinic, do not use this online booking link.

Hanover Family Health Team has 3 options for online appointment booking:

  • Women’s Health appointments

Available to any female patient rostered to a doctor with Hanover Medical Associates. Women’s Health appointments can be booked to update all screening (PAP, colorectal cancer, mammogram, labs, bone density, immunizations). It may also be used to review other Women’s Health topics such as pelvic issues, infections, family planning/birth control, menopause, or any other women’s health concern.

  • NP Appointment

Some patients have one of our Nurse Practitioners (NPs) as their Office Provider – meaning they see one of the NPs for their ongoing primary care needs. If this has been communicated to you, you can book an appointment online with your Nurse Practitioner.

If this has not been communicated to you (an NP is not your Office Provider), please call the medical clinic to book with your regular family doctor.

  • Flu Shot Clinic or PAP Clinic

Available to any patient rostered to a doctor with Hanover Medical Associates. These appointments are with the Registered Nurse (RN).


Click the link below to proceed to our online booking website.

Medeo Registration / Online Booking

What is Secure Patient Messaging?

Secure Patient Messaging allows you and your healthcare providers/health team to connect from anywhere through messaging, similar to sending emails back and forth, just through a more secure method.

Your provider can send you:

  • Lab results
  • Care instructions
  • Lab and diagnostic requisitions
  • Health educational hand outs
  • Any other items you’ve discussed

When a provider sends a message, you will receive a notification through email that there is a document for you to open in your Medeo Health account.

Creating your Medeo Health Account?

If you are rostered to a doctor at Hanover Medical Associates and wish to set up a Medeo account to book online with the Family Health Team or receive secure patient messages, contact our offices at 519-506-4348 and we will send you an email invitation to set up a Medeo account.

For further assistance, once the Family Health Team has emailed you an invitation, please visit the links below:

Medeo Patient Help Page 

Medeo Patient Support

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