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What Is Online Booking?

Online Booking allows you to book your appointments online without having to call into the office. You can choose the available appointment with your Healthcare Provider that works best for your schedule.

Click Below to Book an Appointment:

Medeo Registration / Online Booking

What is Secure Patient Messaging?

Secure Patient Messaging allows you and your healthcare providers/health team to connect from anywhere through messaging, similar to sending emails back and forth, just through a more secure method.

Your provider can send you:

  • Lab results
  • Care instructions
  • Lab and diagnostic requisitions
  • Health educational hand outs
  • Any other items you’ve discussed

When a provider sends a message, you will receive a notification through email that there is a document for you to open in your Medeo Health account.

Do you need help creating your Medeo Health Account?

Please visit the links below:

Medeo Patient Help Page 

Medeo Patient Support

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