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Hanover Family Health Team
90 7th Avenue, 2nd Floor
Hanover, ON N4N 1N1
Nurse Practitioner Visits:
118 7th Ave
Hanover, ON N4N 1N1
Tel: 519-506-HFHT (4348)
Toll Free Tel: 1-855-677-4348


Arrive at 90 7th Avenue and park in the hospital’s front parking lot. Enter the Hanover and District Hospital through the front doors and walk past the gift shop. Turn right and take the stairs (first door on the left) or the elevator (last door on the left) to the 2nd floor. If coming off the stairs on the second floor, go through the door, turn left then turn left down the first hallway. If coming off the elevator on the second floor, turn right then turn right down the first hallway. Proceed to the reception sign and check in with the receptionist for your appointment.

Our offices are located at the Hanover & District Hospital.
Nurse Practitioner appointments are at the Hanover Medical Clinic which is adjacent to the hospital.

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