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Established in 2011, the Hanover Family Health Team (HFHT) is a group of specialized health care professionals working together to provide the highest level of patient care possible.

We are a dynamic team of physicians and allied health professionals located in Hanover, Ontario who provide primary care services to approximately 10,000 enrolled patients.

Since 2005, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has created 185 Family Health Teams across the province. Each team has been established and set up based on local health and community needs.

The Family Health Team (FHT) concept is designed to reduce wait times, and to improve community access to healthcare services at the local level. Family Health Teams are fully funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and use “state of the art” information technology to provide secure access to health records and lab results.

Our dedicated team includes physicians and other allied health professionals including a nurse practitioner, registered nurse, social worker, registered dietitian, addictions and mental health counsellor, occupational therapist, psychologist and pharmacist working together in an interdisciplinary setting.

The Family Health Team focuses on preventing illness, promoting health, managing chronic illnesses such as diabetes, asthma and heart disease and improving access to mental health services. We help our patients get healthy and stay healthy by:

  • Sharing accurate up-to-date information about the best ways to prevent disease and promote health.
  • Detecting and addressing health concerns earlier, when care is more effective and less costly.
  • Improving timely access to primary care services.
  • Offering support and strategies to better manage chronic diseases.
  • Working with patients and their families to “navigate” the health care system so that care is better coordinated.


A healthy community based on comprehensive, lifelong primary care services and strong community partnerships.


The Hanover Family Health Team strives to provide the best possible patient care using an interdisciplinary collaborative approach that empowers patients and promotes and optimizes health for the individuals, families and communities we serve.


Patient-Centred, Respectful, Compassionate, Supportive, Accountable, Collaborative, Innovative, Utilization of a Holistic Approach to Patient-Centred Care

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